Discover Telford Electric Rates

Telford electric rates on supply come in different forms. This is a result of energy deregulation in Pennsylvania. Now that the market is open, there is a variety of electric companies in Telford that offer electricity rates on supply meant as an alternative to the regulated electricity rates of the utility. Telford electric rates are specific to the utility area. Therefore, it's important that Telford consumers look explicitly for Telford electric rates when they're researching to compare electric rates on supply. Otherwise consumers may end up misled.

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Utility price to compare helps you compare electric rates

Under the government program PA Power Switch, utilities list a price to compare. This allows consumers to see what regulated electricity rates on supply currently cost so they can make a more informed decision when shopping for a new retail electric company in Telford. The price to compare can be found on utility websites or on current utility bills. However, it is important to remember that the price to compare is for regulated supply rates and does not provide information on delivery rates or any other costs associated with energy plans. This is the rate you use to compare to alternative suppliers' rates.

Alternative electric companies in Telford

Energy deregulation has resulted in various alternative electric companies in Telford offering supply plans for energy consumers who do not prefer the regulated supply rates offered as default from the utility. Telford electric rates on supply such as these are available in a few different forms that may offer incentives other than just a different supply rate.

  • Stable-rate supply plans offered by alternative electric companies in Telford allow a customer to pay a set rate per kWh for the length of the agreement, which can be a year or multiple years. This consistency offers price protection against any changes in the price of regulated supply rates.
  • Variable-rate supply plans follow the true market value of the electricity. This allows customers to take advantage of market lows. On the other hand, they must be prepared for market highs. These supply rates can change monthly. can help

Finding the right electric supply plan can be a hassle but if you're looking to compare electric rates, you've found a great resource. has a team of energy specialists who are trained in comparing plans to find the best option for the specific needs of a home or business. Take a look at our site to see some alternative electric companies in Telford. Then, call our energy specialists so we can help you find a supply plan that fits your needs!

Updated: 6-2-15