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Learn About Duquesne Light in Stowe

As a utility, Duquesne Light is responsible for electricity distribution and offers regulated supply rates for consumers who do not purchase an energy supply plan from an alternative supplier. However, no matter where consumers purchase their electricity, if they live within the 817 square mile service area of Duquesne Light, they will remain its delivery customer. Duquesne Light is a default service provider, meaning that if no action is taken, consumers will receive their supply service from the utility. Customers can either choose to remain a default supply customer or shop around to find an alternative plan.

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What Duquesne Light does for the community

Along with its environmental efforts, Duquesne Light, Stowe and elsewhere, contributes in other ways to the communities it serves. According to its website, Duquesne Light believes that its success is strongly connected to the state of the communities it operates in. This utility's "Power of Light" program uses corporate outreach to strengthen its commitment to the Pittsburgh area. This program focuses on lighting for recreational areas, neighborhood landmarks and regional landmarks, as well as other opportunities that may help the economy, safety or security of the neighborhoods that receive Duquesne Light services. Although lighting is the main focus of Duquesne Light's community efforts, it also contributes financially to various programs that benefit the community such as assistance for low-income energy consumers.

How Duquesne Light in Stowe fits in with PA Power Switch

Since Duquesne Light, in Stowe and the rest of its service territory, is a utility, PA Power Switch considers it a default supplier. This kind of supply service allows consumers to purchase their electricity supply directly from the deliverer. However, default supply is only offered at regulated rates, which can change with the market demand for the energy.  PA Power Switch allows consumers to avoid this by purchasing a supply plan from an alternative supplier, which may offer plans with supply rates that don’t change for a year or longer. Consumers will be charged delivery fees by the utility no matter where they are purchasing their energy.

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