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PECO is a large Pennsylvania electricity and natural gas utility that owns 29,000 miles of power distribution wires and 500 electricity substations, along with 6,600 miles of natural gas mains and 31 gas gate stations. PECO has been serving Pennsylvania with power and natural gas for more than 100 years. PECO rates are offered in Ardmore and throughout its 2,100 square mile service area. However, PECO natural gas and electric rates on supply are no longer the only option for consumers' energy supply. PECO rates in Ardmore are still regulated by the government and can fluctuate with the market gas and electric rates but in Pennsylvania's open energy market, competitive suppliers are also available for plans.

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PECO rates in Ardmore for delivery

No matter whether consumers choose to purchase natural gas or electric rates from PECO Ardmore or another supplier, PECO Ardmore remains responsible for the delivery of energy to homes and businesses. Although the supply market is competitive, utilities in Pennsylvania still maintain the infrastructure, making it their duty to provide delivery services. Energy consumers will notice that their bill shows charges for these services. These PECO rates in Ardmore are for delivery and upkeep of the infrastructure.

Why it's important to explore your options

Many states do not have a choice when it comes to consumers' energy supply. These energy markets remain controlled by the government and the only supply rate available is the regulated rate. While regulated natural gas and electric rates can be low, they may also be high depending on the season, market conditions or a variety of other reasons. Deregulation creates a market with options that can avoid market ups and downs. For example, stable-rate supply plans allow a customer to pay the same natural gas or electric supply rate per energy unit for the duration of their plan, which may be for multiple years.

Finding the right supplier for your home or business

While the freedom to choose a supplier is a privilege, it does create some work when it comes to finding the right plan for your home or business. That's why we're here to help! ElectricityRatesPennsylvania.com and its team of energy representatives know about the Pennsylvania energy market and some of its options. It doesn't hurt to look to be sure you have a plan that is the best available for your needs. Peruse our site and read about some options in your area. After that, give our energy team a ring so we can discuss what's right for you. Take advantage of your power to switch and sleep soundly paying a rate that you're comfortable with.

Source: www.peco.com. Updated: 5-14-15.