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Just Energy Drexel Hill is part of a large competitive energy company that offers energy rates in Drexel Hill. Just Energy and its family of companies supply close to 2 million customers throughout North America and have been offering energy supply plans in open energy markets for more than 17 years. Just Energy offers supply to consumers who live in 20 deregulated markets in the continent – 14 states and six provinces. Consumers who are searching for new energy rates in Drexel Hill may want to consider Just Energy for supply plans.

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Just Energy Drexel Hill and the community

According to its website, Just Energy strives to support North American organizations that better the lives of its energy customers. For example, Just Energy, Drexel Hill and elsewhere, contributes to energy assistance programs that help low-income consumers keep their lights and heat on such as Salvation Army's Share the Warmth Fund. Just Energy also supports youth programs that help disadvantaged children have recreational experiences, such as when Just Energy donated sports game tickets to the Time Horton Children's Foundation so low-income children and their families could have a night out.

Why can consumers choose competitive energy rates in Drexel Hill?

Like other states, Pennsylvania used to have a regulated electricity and natural gas market. In regulated markets, consumers only have one choice for supply plans – the utility. While the utility provides reliable delivery service and infrastructure maintenance, its regulated rates may fluctuate with the market value of the commodity, which isn't always the best option for a home's or business' budget or energy needs. In the 1990s, Pennsylvania passed the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act which led the way for competition within the energy market by separating supply from other facets of the energy business. By 2000, Pennsylvania energy consumers had the ability to choose from a variety of competitive suppliers, as well as their utility, for their energy supply rates in Drexel Hill.

Finding energy rates in Drexel Hill that are right for your supply needs

Living in a deregulated electricity and natural gas market gives you options. Why wouldn't you try to find the right plan for your home or business? ElectricityRatesPennsylvania.com has detailed some of the supply options available in your area so you can get a better idea of what's out there. We also have a team of energy professionals that specialize in finding plans that fit the needs of homes and businesses. Take some time to look at our site; then give us a call. Find a plan that's right for your home or business today!

Source: www.justenergy.com. Updated: 5-13-15.