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Duquesne Light is a southwestern Pennsylvania electric utility that serves Beaver and Allegheny counties. Duquesne Light has been an electric utility for more than 100 years and operates and owns about 45,000 miles of overhead power lines paired with roughly 103,000 transformers and 250,000 utility poles. Along with providing more than half a million customers with electricity, according to its website, this utility and its parent company, Duquesne Light Holdings, are known for their eco-friendly techniques and innovative approaches such as notifying customers of outages via text message.

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Environmental efforts by Duquesne Light

As noted on its website, Duquesne Light Company has been a pioneer for environmental efforts among electric utilities. It began making pollution improvements before encouragement from the declaration of Earth Day in 1970. Although this utility is no longer a power station operator, in the 1970s, it was the first utility in the United States to install plant-wide scrubber systems. It was nationally recognized for this innovative anti-pollution upgrade. Along with improving air quality, this utility also discovered that fly ash is not actual waste and can be transformed into filler for highway embankments. In fact, because of this discovery, more than 350,000 tons of fly ash was used for the East Street Valley Expressway, just north of Duquesne Light's headquarters in Pittsburgh. 

Duquesne Light rates are considered default

Pennsylvania has a deregulated energy market, often referred to as PA Power Switch. Thanks to the open energy market, Pennsylvania energy consumers have the ability to choose what supplier they purchase energy from. While the utility, such as Duquesne Light Company, will always provide distribution services, its supply rates are considered default and for consumers who have opted out of choosing an alternative supplier. Duquesne Light's default rates are regulated by the government and can change with the market price of electricity. However, because these supply rates are not the only option for Pennsylvania energy consumers, it is possible to shop around and find other suppliers with different plans.

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