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Find Out More About Direct Energy in Willow Grove

Direct Energy in Willow Grove is the largest retail energy supplier in North America, serving more than 5 million energy customers in both Canada and the United States. To provide better service for its customers, Direct Energy has 11 regional offices spread out throughout its service areas and its headquarters are in Houston, TX, one of its largest markets. Along with providing Direct Energy rates on supply, this energy supplier offers various incentive programs for its customers and even some cutting-edge products that can increase energy efficiency.

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Direct Energy in Willow Grove's environmental efforts

Direct Energy in Willow Grove, and elsewhere, is all about energy efficiency. According to its website, Direct Energy has a vision to utilize its energy expertise to create a positive impact in its customers' lives while moving toward a lower-carbon future. It does this by making a commitment to reduce waste, develop low-carbon energy resources, help customers make informed decisions regarding their energy use and efficiency, consistently publish performance reports that are open about environmental practices and more. On top of that, Direct Energy, Willow Grove, runs various community programs such as the Reduce Your Use For Good grant that funds efficiency upgrades for qualifying nonprofit organizations. 

How Direct Energy rates offer an alternative

Consumers who live in regulated energy markets can only purchase their energy supply from the utility at regulated rates. These markets offer no choice for consumers. However, because of energy deregulation, Pennsylvania energy consumers can now choose from a variety of options, each with its own features. These energy plans, some of which include Direct Energy rates on supply, are meant to be an alternative to the regulated rates that were once the only options. Alternative plans come in a couple of different forms.

  • Stable-rate plans offer a set supply rate per energy unit for the length of the agreement. These plans allow consumers to secure a rate that offers price protection from fluctuation of the market price for energy.
  • Variable-rate plans allow consumers to follow the market value of the commodity so they can take advantage of market lows. However, consumers who select these plans must also be prepared for market peaks.

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