Discover Commerce Energy, now Just Energy, in Levittown

Commerce Energy, now known as Just Energy, in Levittown offers electricity and natural gas supply plans for homes, no matter whether you rent or own. As noted on its website, with 2 million customers across 20 North American markets, Just Energy has the ability to provide customers with extraordinary service. Just Energy can offer Levittown residents and business owners peace of mind with fixed supply rates, convenience with auto pay and seamless service when you switch to a new supply plan.

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Just Energy in the community

Just Energy in Levittown is part of a corporate mission that is active in serving its communities. The Just Energy Foundation focuses on corporate contributions to assist nonprofits in gaining the tools they need to better the quality of life in the communities Just Energy's companies operate in. From the Houston Food Bank to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto, Just Energy contributes to many causes that give opportunity to people in need.

Alternative energy supply rates in Levittown

Thanks to PA Power Switch, consumers are no longer limited to purchasing their energy supply at regulated supply rates from the utility. Energy choice opened up the energy supply market to competition, allowing retail suppliers to form and offer alternative supply rates. These supply rates come in various forms, as to provide plans more customized to the preferences of certain consumers.

  • Stable-rate plans are great for the home that would prefer consistency. These plans offer a secure rate per energy unit for the duration of the agreement, allowing customers to better predict their monthly energy budget based on their anticipated usage and secured rate.
  • Variable-rate plans offer flexibility for the household that would like to take advantage of market lows. These rates fluctuate with the market value of the commodity so while consumers can look forward to market lows, they must also be prepared for market highs. is here to assist you

Energy choice provides more options for supply plans, making it easier for people, just like you, to find a plan that's well-suited for their situation. While shopping requires research, is ready to help make the process easier. Our energy team knows the Pennsylvania energy market well and can discuss which plans might be a good fit for your energy needs. First, look through our site. After that, give us a call.

Source: Updated: 2-16-17.