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Learn About Ambit Energy in Willow Grove

Ambit Energy is a direct-sales energy supplier that offers electricity and natural gas rates in markets including Texas, New York, Illinois, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, California, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania. According to its website, Ambit Energy's business is helping people. Its goal is to be the most well-respected energy supplier in the United States and its doing this by offering energy rates on supply to consumers in deregulated markets as well as allowing customers to start their own businesses by becoming consultants for the company and selling Ambit Energy in Willow Grove or their hometown.

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The history of Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy got its start in 2006 when its co-founders discussed energy deregulation over sandwiches. Shortly after, Ambit Energy formed with the mission to offer affordable electricity and natural gas supply without ever sacrificing integrity for the growth of the company. The co-founders opened a Dallas office with foldout tables for desks and collected likeminded and experienced executives who could help make their vision a reality. Since then, Ambit Energy has consistently grown its profits – from $44 million in 2007 to $1.5 billion in 2014 and now has more than 1 million customers.

Alternative energy rates from competitive suppliers

Since the Pennsylvania energy market has been deregulated, consumers are able to purchase their energy supply from a competitive supplier with alternative energy rates. This gives consumers the option of seeking out a supply plan that is well-suited to their needs. These electric and natural gas rates on supply, from Ambit Energy and other suppliers, come in an assortment of plans.

  • Stable-rate plans secure a supply rate for the duration of an agreement. This allows the customer to pay the same supply rate per energy unit for an allotted amount of time. These plans could be a good fit for a home or business that would like to predict monthly bills based on anticipated energy use.
  • Variable-rate plans follow the market value of the energy. While these supply plans allow customers to reap the benefits of market lows, periods of market highs could result in a hefty bill.

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Source: www.ambitenergy.com. Updated: 5-19-15.